What if my patients are non-compliant? Back to Top

We understand that patients need to be in compliance with the CustomVite program in order for it to truly benefit their health. In some cases, there is little or nothing that can be done to convince patients to take their supplements, however, CustomVite will make every effort to assist you in this endeavor. Our Nutrition Team members are willing to spend time with each patient to help them with their health goals as well as inform them of the benefits of taking all of their nutritional supplements daily.

How many capsules per day will it be? Back to Top

Capsule count (number of capsules in unit dose daily packs) continues to be an issue especially with patients that are not used to taking supplements on a regular basis. Capsule count is entirely dependent upon the severity of the patient's medical conditions. Please keep in mind that the more information you provide us with (comprehensive health assessment, various laboratory results, etc.), the more accurate the vitamin formulation will be. In some cases, patients may have many nutritional deficiencies and medical conditions that must be addressed, thus, the capsule count may be more than expected to provide all of the support required. In light of this, please note: The capsule count will be highest during the first 90-day segment as this often includes “therapeutic dosages” to help address severe deficiencies. As time goes on, and the patient’s nutritional deficiencies and medical conditions are addressed, the capsule count (and cost) will often decrease. Therefore, if the patient can get through the first or second 90-day order the vitamin formulation will then turn into a, "Maintenance and Prevention dose."

We recommend splitting the supplements throughout the day. For instance, if the daily pack contains 12 capsules, it is recommended that the patient take 4 capsules three times daily with food and water.

We find that the great majority of patients get used to the capsule count over time as long as it is adequately explained to them. One reason why the CustomVite formulations may seem to be higher in capsule count than other companies is because we do not use any chemical micro compressing of our ingredients. This means that the gastrointestinal tract better absorbs our ingredients. If capsule count is still an issue, CustomVite can alter the capsule count to meet the patient’s needs. Of course, reducing capsule count means less nutritional support, but we will formulate the best possible customized solution given the parameters dictated by the patient. If for whatever reason one of your patients simply cannot swallow capsules, we can manufacture their vitamins and supplements in powder. However it does have a very strong vitamin and mineral taste since we do not add any chemical flavorings.

What if my patient is scheduled for surgery? Back to Top

We often hear from patients that they are scheduled for surgery.  In many instances, the surgeon makes the patient stop taking all medications before, during, and for a period after the procedure.  In practically all instances, the doctor is telling the patient to stop all drugs, or prescription medications that could interfere and cause complications.  However, in most cases nutritional supplements are different in that they normally have no side effects or contraindications, and in some cases can actually be beneficial to the patient. Considering though that some supplements may interfere with certain surgical medications or anesthetics, we recommend discontinuing supplement use 10 days prior to any surgery unless otherwise instructed by a healthcare practitioner.

Will my patients experience any GI Tract Issues? Back to Top

If your patients express concern over an upset stomach or gastrointestinal upset while taking their CustomVite vitamin formula, we strongly suggest that you urge your patients to take their CustomVite capsules with food and water. The food will act as a buffer and will eliminate most if not all of these GI issues. We would also recommend your patients to consume their daily packet of vitamins throughout the daily, rather than all at once, as stated above. If your patient would like further clarity about any adverse symptoms they may be having, please have them speak to a member of our Nutrition Team.

Can patients take their CustomVite supplements while travelling? Back to Top

One of the many major benefits of the CustomVite program is that the personalized formulas are packaged in convenient daily dose packets.  This makes it far easier to simply take the number of packets for the days they will be gone.

What type of test results do you interpret? Back to Top

Although patient testing is not mandatory, it is highly recommended whenever possible.  You are not limited to any one testing methodology; ANY laboratory results can be assessed by our Nutrition Team.  These include anything from a simple complete blood count (CBC) to a more comprehensive micronutrient test. Even full blood panels that patients get for new employers or insurance, can be submitted from labs such as Quest or LabCorp.  Any analytical testing facility of your choice may be used such as SpectraCell, Genova, Metametrix, etc.  Please keep in mind that the more information that you provide us with, the more precise the formulation.