For decades, the pharmaceutical and supplement industries have employed an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all approach to health care. Unfortunately, this approach cannot account for the unique vitamin requirements of each individual.  The idea for a business that would offer consumers nutritional supplements based on their actual, individual needs came to life when Sam Abraham, a Harvard Business School graduate found himself staring at a wall of supplements in his neighborhood health food store.  Sam wondered if the business model used by Dell Computers - manufacturing to the precise specifications of individual customers - could be applied to the nutritional supplements business.  Intrigued, he started to investigate the possibilities.
Since nothing like this had been attempted before, it took 18 months to design and prove the sophisticated manufacturing capabilities needed to create the customized capsules. The tougher challenge was finding a way to help consumers know which supplements would be an effective addition to their diet and which would be a waste of their money.  
Having a long history in the pharmaceutical industry, he quickly surrounded himself with experts in the field of pharmaceuticals, functional medicine, and nutritional sciences.  He integrated that extensive accumulated knowledge and expertise into our Free Health Improvement Assessment that can be provided to each patient by their healthcare practitioner. This comprehensive assessment analyzes the 11 organ systems of the body while determining areas where nutritional support is required. The analysis also incorporates medical history, diet and lifestyle patterns, genetic risk factors and more.  This health evaluation goes beyond immediate nutritional needs and considers allergies and potential drug nutrient interactions to ensure each person is getting exactly what is required and nothing more.  The CustomVite Nutrition Team combines the results from the Health Improvement Assessment with the expertise of each patient’s healthcare practitioner to further customize the supplement formulations.  For even greater accuracy, our expert nutritionists and dietitians are trained to interpret laboratory test results from blood, urine, saliva, hair, stool, micronutrient and DNA samples to identify targeted areas of nutritional deficiencies.
Sam’s visit to his local health food store inspired a unique business opportunity that has now evolved into a global enterprise.  CustomVite has not only positioned itself at the leading edge of the customized supplement industry, but has been instrumental in driving the industry forward, becoming the world’s undisputed leader and supplier of customized nutritional supplements in the process. 

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